Hello everyone,

I am back with this blog post. Hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to write a blog post about my shopping trip in Mumbai.
Hope you like it.

Mumbai is a wild city and I enjoy every bit of it traveling. I have written more about it on Mischasplace. 

Today is more of a shopping trip and going around the city for adventure.

I traveled to Essel world with kids from the slum and it was fantastic.
We enjoyed our rides and had a great time. I had lunch today and with the kids and it was mesmerising. I enjoyed the local delicacy wada pav  and found it a bit spicy for my taste.

I got a lot of food for the kids and enjoying myself thoroughly. Soon he started raining around lunch and it added another excitement to the day. The kids loved it too. Although I thought having ice cream with rain would not be good for their health.

After lunch, I went to a local temple called Siddhivinayak Mandir On behest of the kids. And do you still have that here with their religious and wanted me to visit with them. I thought it was a great honour and could not say no to them on though I am an atheist.

After that I went to Mahim with the kids and it was time for my favorite time of the day shopping.

I got some clothes for myself and a lot of groceries.

I went to the local market in Mahim and understood that western clothing is best bought in the malls. I mostly found sarees in the place and tjhough I plan to wear them one day, I do not think today is the right time for the same.

Although I had shopped some clothes for the kids already from CustomBaba, i wanted to buy some more.
Not t shirts this time, so I thought of buying them night suits so that they are able to get a good nights sleep and play well the next day.

In the evening, We went to Marine drive and had a good time ahead. I saw all the couples there and thougth of finding love in India soon. India is a romantic place anyway. Maybe Tinder? I do not know.

I shopped some shoes for myself and bought some candles as my house is getting electricity problems.
I got some raw spices to keep in the kitchen and occasionally smell them in my room.

They were therapeutic.

I bought some flowers for myself and gave some to the girls who accompanies them. They put the roses in their hair and looked really pretty.

There is si much I need to discover in India. I know I have just started and I have a long way to go.
What surprises me, is that I am yet to spend more than three months here and I already feel at home.

What is it that is attracting me so much about this place? There seems to be an old connection between me and the country, something I am not able to fathom.

I think this is good for today. Meet you guys next time in another blog series.
Hope you enjoy your day ahead!
Thank you for reading!

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